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Empowering the Future of Tech Through Veteran Leaders

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Unleashing the Potential of ​Veteran Entrepreneurs

At the Spear Accelerator, we firmly ​believe in the untapped potential of ​veteran entrepreneurs.

Our mission is to provide a platform that ​propels their innovative tech startups ​from idea to impact.

We harness the unique leadership skills, ​tenacity, and resilience of veterans, ​pairing them with the resources, ​mentorship, and network they need to ​make a significant impact in the ​technology sector.

Our Program

Our intensive, 3 month accelerator program is designed to accelerate the growth of early-stage tech startups led by veteran entrepreneurs. We offer:

Cohort industry Collaboration

Each SPEAR cohort targets a specific tech industry or emerging vertical, enhancing growth through deep expertise and strategic industry partnerships. These collaborations often lead to joint development efforts, pilot projects, and potentially transformative strategic investments and licensing opportunities.

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Unique Mentorship

Engage with our national network of technology luminaries—industry leaders, seasoned entrepreneurs, and experts—through intensive bootcamps and ongoing virtual sessions, ensuring personalized guidance tailored to your startup’s unique challenges and objectives.

Tailored Workshops

Participate in weekly virtual workshops led by tech and industry experts. These sessions cover essential topics such as investment procurement, product development, market strategies, scalability and industry specific programming—all crucial for transitioning from startup stagnation to success.

Networking Opportunities

Gain access to a powerful network of investors, stakeholders, and industry pioneers at events like our two-day demo, an investor matchmaking summit, and the prestigious Veteran Business Summit in Orlando, FL.

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Health Tech Cohort 2025



AI in Healthcare

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Neuro Tech

AI in Health care

Digital Health


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Are you ready to propel the next generation of veteran-led tech startups to new heights?

SPEAR Accelerator is seeking innovative startups, expert mentors, seasoned entrepreneurs, and visionary investors to join our dynamic ecosystem. Whether you're looking to accelerate your startup, share your expertise, mentor ambitious founders, or invest in groundbreaking ideas, SPEAR offers unparalleled opportunities for collaboration, growth, and impact in the tech industry.




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